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Leaf Peeping ... Autumn Colors ... Fall foliage of New York State
The natural beauty of the trees in their Autumn foliage is captivating. Leaf Peeping / Leafing, the act of photographing and or viewing the Autumn foliage of the trees, a fitting term.

With a great variety of broad-leaved trees, New York fills up with a wonderful range of colors each year. New York almost has as many acres of trees as the rest of the Northeast combined. The change of color from bright green to the many different hues of fall happens in a predictable patter across the whole state. The change happens high in the Adirondack and Catskill mountains in late August and early September. It then spreads out and down over the hills and valleys of the state. Its ending spot is on Long Island and in New York City in late October and early November. In any given area, it only takes about two weeks for the change to happen, with the spectacular peak lasting three to four days in any given spot.

Seasonal conditions result in chemical changes in the leaves, yielding bright shades of fall colors. The yellows, reds and purples paint an everlasting impression. ...site>>

Leaf Peeping ... Autumn Colors ... Fall foliage of New York State
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