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New York State Minerals, Rocks, Stones and Gemstones
To promote interest in natural resources, history, tourism, etc., a state may create a state mineral, rock, stone or gemstone. In 1967, NY State declared Garnet as a State Mineral. Garnets have been considered precious for thousands of years and are found in early Egyptian, Greek and Roman jewelry. Red is the garnet's principal color, but garnets come in several hues. The Garnet Group-Pyrope Iron aluminum silicate is mined at Barton Mines, Gore Mountain, Warren County, New York. ...site>>

New York State Minerals, Rocks, Stones and Gemstones
Caves of New York State
Peregrine Falcons
Rivers and Creeks in New York State
Railroads in New York State
Bicentennial Peace Garden NY State Trail
New York, "The Empire State"
Slate in New York State
Birthplace of Memorial Day - Fun Fact

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